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Life and Independence for Today (LIFT)
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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device used by a person with a disability to communicate, move, work, learn and play at home or in the community. AT services help people identify, obtain, and learn to use AT devices.

“Within Your Reach” offers demonstrations on the latest in AT. Demonstrations are scheduled at the libraries in our service area. During these demonstrations, people have the opportunity to see devices, learn how they are used and try them.

In addition to the demonstrations in the libraries, people may also schedule a one on one consultation with the Assistive Technology Coordinator to ensure that LIFT consumers receive the right technology to meet their specific need.

If you are interested in obtaining an assistive technology device contact Assistive Technology Coordinator, Sheila Mazzaferro via email at or by calling
814-781-3050 ext. 208
Demonstrating a speaking measuring cup
Cap Tel Telephone available for demonstration
A Demonstration at the St. Marys Library