Accessibility Guidance

Provide guidance and information on barriers to accessibility within homes and the community.


Provide assistance with advocacy, while educating individuals to become their own best


Assistive Technology (AT)

Provide an array of demonstrations and trainings on AT, provide AT devices (if available)

 on temporary loan and work with individuals to obtain assistive technology.

Disability Awareness Simulations & Sensitivity Trainings

Raise awareness on all aspects of living with a disability through tailored programs and simulations.

Independent Living Skills

Work with individuals on chosen goals, such as: budgeting, transportation, employment,

housekeeping, etc.

Information & Referral

Provide information and/or make referrals to appropriate agencies.

Peer Mentoring

Offer peer to peer support to others with disabilities.

Portable Ramp Program

Loan ramps as a temporary solution, while assisting individuals to obtain a permanent ramp.

Re-Used Equipment Program

Accept gently used equipment, such as: wheelchairs, walkers, shower benches, etc. and redistribute the

equipment to individuals in need.

Project LifeSaver   “Elk County Only”

Provide peace of mind to those caregivers of individuals with intellectual or cognitive disabilities who

have a tendency to wander.