Life and Independence for Today A Center for Independent Living

503 E. Arch Street

St. Marys, PA 15857



Our Staff/Board of Directors

Executive Director: Robert Mecca        ext. 202

The executive director is responsible for; writing grants to establish new programs, assuring compliance of all regulations for contracts with grant providers, hiring and promoting staff to foster growth, developing relationships with local and state legislators, directing and supervising day to day operations, and performing staff evaluations for administrative staff.  He also attends all Board of Directors meetings and assists on all board committees as well as acts as liaison between staff and board.  The Executive Director also attends meetings representing LIFT and people with disabilities on a local, state, and national level.  He also continues to advocate for a barrier free community.


Deputy Director, Events Coordinator: Hope Weichman   ext. 200

The Deputy Director works closely with the Executive Director, filling in for him in his absence and also supervises the service staff.  Being such a small organization, the Deputy Director is also the Events Coordinator, Disability Awareness Trainings and Simulations Organizer, provides Accessibility Guidance to individuals, businesses, organizations, and municipalities and also facilitates LIFT's Ramp program.


Financial Manager: Cynthia Feldbauer   ext. 201

The Financial manager is responsible for all budget, payroll, and financial aspects of the organization; as well as ensuring all grant and government compliances are adhered to.

If you are looking to donate to any of our worthwhile causes, please send contributions to the attention of Cynthia Feldbauer, Financial Manager.


Nursing Home Transition Coordinator:   ext. 204

The Nursing Home Transition coordinator works with consumers and other service providers and organizations to assist them to safely transition from a Nursing Home back into the community.


Assistive Technology Coordinator:   ext. 208

Assistive Technology is any piece of equipment that aids in the completion of an otherwise complicated task. Assistive technology is becoming more and more available every day, helping to make independence for people with disabilities easier. Although there is more technology available today than ever before, finding the right technology to fit a specific need is still difficult. LIFT can help consumers discover the technology that fits their need best and assist in finding funding options to insure that our consumers can live as independently as possible.


Independent Living Skills Instructor, Reuse Program Coordinator: ext. 206

Our Independent Living Skills trainings offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to live independently.  Training is provided individually as well as in small groups and emphasizes skills such as: budgeting, organization and housekeeping skills, accessing transportation, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

The Reuse program coordinator at Life and Independence for Today runs our reuse program.  This includes collecting equipment that is donated, cleaning and inventorying the equipment, and getting it into the hands of those who need it.


Office Assistant: Lori Leuschel  ext. 211

The office assistant performs a myriad of office support to all staff and administrative functions.  Some of the duties include receiving and directing calls and maintaining a library of information on organizations, associations, and businesses that are available to assist our staff and consumers.


Board of Directors

President - Eric Wolfe

Vice President - Linda McKinstry

Secretary/Treasurer - Larry Caggeso

Personnel Chair - Stephen DePrater

Board Member - Jennifer Brem

Board Member - Mark Flacinski

Board Member - Joshua Williams

Board Member - Mike Fernan

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